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Crow Girls front cover
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The Loon's Lament—Digital Single
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Pen and Ink
Sideways Turned 'Round

Sometimes life feels perilously topsy-turvy, but you know deep down that if you just ride it out, you'll regain your balance.

Off, on, baby, push, pull, maybe
This is crazy, I'm so scared baby
It's back, forth, up, down, sideways, turned 'round
Stop and start up again

Why, why does my heart fly, then drop like a stone
Whoa, whoa, I can't let go
It's got me, caught me, it's right on top of me
Pierced me right to the bone

Don't stop, don't go, say yes, say no
Searching for a sign on this tightrope line
So far to fall, one step, lose all
On the edge of quicksand


Will I, won't I, do I, don't I
Get off this ride, I'm like a butterfly
Good girl, bad girl, heart's all a-whirl
There's just no place to land


Thrill me, kill me, chill me, fill me
This elation, this contemplation
Has me cart-wheeling, sends me reeling
How do I turn the page



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Crow Girls front cover

Crow Girls
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