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Crow Girls front cover
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Crow Girls EP

Crow Girls features three original songs and a Celtic waltz that MaryAnn also wrote. One of these days she'll get back into the studio and make a complete album. For now, we hope you enjoy these, the most-requested pieces of hers from our fans.

Lyrics for each cut:

1. Crow Girls
2. In a Heartbeat
3. Sideways Turned 'Round
4. John McPhee's Homestead

Big thanks to Brock Zeman for making this happen. His push was just what we needed and what an excellent job he did. He also tracked down some of the finest musicians in the Ottawa Valley (including himself) to back us up. Thanks to the talented musicians who played on these songs, with an extra hug to Greg for lending his expertise and recording studio for extra bits. Major props to Steve Foley, whose mixing/mastering skills gave us records that we love. We're so grateful to Michael Babinski, for his gorgeous cover art on both albums. Thanks to photographers Leslie Howle and D Staples for making us look good. A big shout-out to our regulars and fellow musos from Patty's Pub who supported our music for so many years. We miss seeing you and hope this brings back some happy Thursday-night memories. Thanks also to other dear friends, near and far, and to Charles's readers around the globe, who've been asking for these recordings. Love to our incredibly supportive family, who are probably our biggest and most treasured fans of all. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. And most of all, my deepest love and gratitude to Charles, the best husband a woman could ever want. Words cannot express what a kind, steadfast, loving, encouraging and absolutely brilliant man that he is. This one's for you, Charles.
—MaryAnn Harris
MaryAnn Harris vocals, mandolin, percussion
Charles de Lint guitar
Brock Zeman guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
Blair Hogan electric & acoustic guitars, organ
Greg T. Brown fiddle
Dylan Roberts drums

Production Details
Produced by Brock Zeman with MaryAnn Harris
Recorded and engineered by Brock Zeman at The Big Muddy Studio (November–December 2010)
Additional Recording by Greg T. Brown at Lemonie Studio (January 2011)
Mixed and mastered by Steve Foley at Audio Valley Studio
Cover art by Michael Babinski
Photo by D Staples
Designed by MaryAnn Harris

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Crow Girls front cover

Crow Girls
The CD for Crow Girls is sold out.
Don't despair though.
You can still buy the music on iTunes.

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Crow Girls back cover

© 2011 All songs written by MaryAnn Harris (Socan)
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