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Pen and Ink
Save a Dance for Me

I think the saddest thing in the world for a couple who have spent a lifetime together is to be the one left behind.

The preacher's done talking and everybody's gone
Darling it's just you and me again
I know you're sleeping, guess you need your rest
But it's hard for me to let you go this way

You said you'd save a dance for me, save a dance for me
You said you'd save a dance for me, you said you'd save
You said you'd save a dance for me

The first time we kissed was at the county fair
You pressed up close and I held on tight to you
You said whatever happens, I promise you this
In the end I'll always save a dance for you

The moment that I knew was when he took me aside
That doctor wouldn't look me in the eye
They were waiting on some paperwork, waiting on a bed
While they were waiting you just closed your eyes

See I brought you some flowers, the kind you always liked
A bunch of black-eyed Susies from our yard
Forty years together wasn't long enough to love you
I guess that's what makes all of this so hard


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Old Blue Truck
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