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Crow Girls front cover
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The Loon's Lament—Digital Single
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Pen and Ink
In a Heartbeat

This one is self-explanatory. Sometimes you just can't believe your incredible fortune in life.

Tell me babe, how did I find you
Oh did fate lay her sweet hand on me
And how, how does a love so true
Hold onto its mystery

I can't explain how destiny came
And placed us in a life so sweet
No angel above can say how we found love
It just happened in a heartbeat

Those years speed by so quickly
Well I guess that's just the nature of time
But I know so absolutely
Your heart will always be mine


We know when the wind blows
That a sad heart can sometimes go astray
But sunshine follows rain and love can heal any pain
In a heartbeat, two hearts will find their way

Time may last forever
Stretch into eternity
But tomorrow just doesn't matter
'Cause today is all that we need



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Crow Girls front cover

Crow Girls
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