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Bobby & Me

I knew guys like this when I was growing up. Not this particular pair, but guys like them. The Bobbys were walking-wounded, even in their teens. The ones like the song's narrator were tough and loyal to a fault, which could put them in situations such as the one that happened here; left on their own they would never have let it go so far.

Wrong place, wrong time, guess I should have paid some mind
Spoke up instead of playing blind, but how was I to know?
Bobby pulled the pistol from under his coat, he held it to the cashier's throat
All she had in her drawer was a twenty-dollar float, just enough to make him blow

I said, Bobby put the pistol down, he gave me a look, said I'm sick of this town
Everybody's always kicking us 'round, like we ain't worth a dime
I said, robbing this girl don't change a thing, he said, tell me now, are you out or in
I never had a chance before he did the thing, I had to watch that poor girl die

And if I had the choice I suppose I'd go, someplace down in Mexico
Someplace where nobody knows my name
Yeah, I'd hop a freight or steal a car, sleep out underneath the stars
Just keep moving and see how far
I could go

The D.A. tried to cut me a deal, all I had to do was take the stand and squeal
Bobby'd get the chair, I'd pull a few years, but I was just as much to blame
I know what we did it wasn't right, I think about that girl most every night
Knowing that I should have seen the signs, like the sky before it rains

Bobby and me never had a real life, never held a job, never took a wife
Guess we drank too much and we liked to fight, but he was a friend of mine
I don't know where it all went wrong, what he thought this killing would solve
Or if he even thought about it at all, guess he just got broke' inside


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