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The Loon's Lament—Digital Single
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Pen and Ink
Great Big Moon

Ever notice how people can be having a conversation but neither of them is hearing the other?

There's a great big yellow moon, hanging low in the sky
It's watching over us, and I don't know why
Guess it thinks we need watching over, turns out it was right
Everything's changing back to front, day into the night

Great big moon, hanging low, over us tonight

We couldn't be more different, it used to be all right
You were always shining, while I stepped out of the light
We're like pieces of two puzzles, got mixed up in a box
Each one's missing pieces, I guess too many got lost

When you can't see where you're going, it's hard remembering where you've been
The better times get swallowed by, all the troubles that you're in
Once we were on the same road, or is that just the way it seemed?
I don't know anymore, wish that moon would talk to me

Guess you think that I'm not listening, guess you think that I don't care
Guess we're feeling all alone, even when the other's there
I don't know the answers, or how they can be learned
I've been missing you a long time, and I don't know where to turn


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