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Muse and Reverie
Muse and Reverie

Muse and Reverie is an all-new collection of short fiction in Charles de Lint's "Newford" universe—the fifth such collection since 1993, and the first since 2002. Previous collections are Dreams Underfoot, The Ivory and the Horn, the World Fantasy Award-winning Moonlight and Vines, and Tapping the Dream Tree.

Tor Books published Muse and Reverie in hardcover in December, 2009.

Muse and Reverie Contents:

(01) "Somewhere In My Mind There Is a Painting Box" The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest, edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, New York: Viking, (2002)
(02) "Refinerytown" Triskell Press, 2001
(03) "A Crow Girls Christmas" with MaryAnn Harris Triskell Tales 2, Subterranean Press, 2006
(04) "Dark Eyes, Faith and Devotion" Magic Tails, edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Janet Pack; New York: DAW Books, (2005)
(05) "Riding Shotgun" Subterranean Press, 2007
(06) "Sweet Forget-Me-Not" Triskell Press, 2002
(07) "That Was Radio Clash" Taverns of the Dead, edited by Kealan Patrick Burke; Baltimore: Cemetery Dance, (2005)
(08) "The Butter Spirit's Tithe" Emerald Magic, edited by Andrew M. Greeley, New York: Tor Books, (2004)
(09) "Da Slockit Light" Triskell Press, 2003
(10) "The Hour Before Dawn" The Hour Before Dawn, Subterranean Press, 2005
(11) "Newford Spook Squad" Hellboy: Odder Jobs, edited by Chriostopher Golden; Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, (2004)
(12) "In Sight" Maiden, Matron, Crone, edited by Kerrie Hughes & Martin H. Greenberg; New York: DAW Books, (2005)
(13) "The World in a Box" Triskell Press, 2004
Publishers Weekly, (starred review) 10/21/2009:
This collection of 13 stories is the fifth set in Newford, de Lint's city of artists, musicians and magic, and the first since 2002's Tapping the Dream Tree. Interspersing time travel ("Riding Shotgun," "That Was Radio Clash") and period pieces ("The Hour Before Dawn") with tales of Native American and Celtic magic ("A Crow Girls' Christmas," "Da Slockit Light"), de Lint creates an entirely organic mythology that seems as real as the folklore from which it draws. From flighty yet powerful avatars to fiendish goblins, the characters are complex and clever, and even the most fantastical still has a sense of humanity. The endings often contain twists worthy of O. Henry. These clever, frightening, wise and entertaining stories are an excellent introduction to de Lint's writing and imagination, and will also provide longtime fans a welcome return to Newford. (Dec.)

Tor Books; hardcover, 2009

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