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Weirdin Newsletter
My newsletter is sent out to the subscribers first and then "reprinted" here a couple of days later.
Newsletter #6 - June 12, 2001
There are now over 1700 of you subscribed to this list, so smile and say hello to each other.

The Road to Lisdoonvarna (2001) Mostly, just some bits of news this time around. First off, The Road to Lisdoonvarna has started shipping and what a handsome volume the Subterranean Press folks have produced. Remember this is a straight PI mystery novel, written back in the mid-eighties and never before published, but not a new fantasy novel.

I should also mention that while Forests of the Heart didn't take home a Nebula, it's now a finalist for the 2001 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature, sharing the ballot with a number of other good books, including ones by Midori Snyder and my pal Guy Kay.

* * *

For those of you who want to be notified if and when a physical rendition of the Weirdin from Moonheart gets produced, I've created an automated mailing list at:

This list will generate even less mail than the one you're presently subscribed to it as we'll only be sending anything out when we actually have some news.

* * *

The book sale went well—thanks to you who asked about it, and of course, to you who came and helped make it a success.

* * *

On the recommendation side of things, I haven't had a lot of free reading time, but I'm halfway through Steve Earle's short story collection Doghouse Roses, and biased as I am, I'll still recommend it to anyone interested in good storystelling. Earle even slips in some mythic fiction amongst the gritty real world stories.

There's been a lot of raving in certain circles about the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and it's unquestionably a fine album of traditional American music, though to my ears there's a fair amount of filler material and the CD doesn't really flow. The real soundtrack gem, so far as I'm concerned, is that for Songcatcher, featuring the voices of some of today's finest country singers (Julie Miller, Allison Moorer, Emmylou Harris, Sara Evans, Gillian Welch, Iris Dement, Dolly Parton—oh the list is just too long) doing mostly traditional material such as "Pretty Saro," "Fair and Tender Ladies," "Mary of the Wild Moor" and others. It's high lonesome singing at its best.

Newsletter #6.1 - July 12, 2001
It's summertime...and the sky is all cloudy each day...

I thought it was time to send out a brief update.

I've turned in Seven Wild Sisters to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press; now it's up to Charles Vess to do his magic with his inks and paints.

I got a note today from the folks at peanutpress.com to let me know that Yarrow is now available in e-book form, with five more titles coming in the next few weeks. Hopefully Moonheart will be one of them. For more info, or to order a copy, go to:

And Forests of the Heart is now available in the UK (and I assume Australia and New Zealand) in a hardcover edition published by Orion under their Gollancz imprint.

* * *

The new Lunasa CD has finally made it in to our household and what a treasure it is. It's called The Merry Sisters of Fate (Green Linnet) and you need a copy right now.

Not much else to report except if Kevin Welch happens to be playing in your area, drop everything and go see him. MaryAnn and I caught him at the Black Sheep Inn last week, playing with Kieran Kane. We gave up our own gig at Patty's Pub, so the tickets were very expensive for us, but worth every penny. This is the third time we've seen him and neither he, nor his CDs, ever disappoint us.

Newsletter #6.2 - August 20, 2001
Hope your summer is going well. I can't believe how quickly it's slipped by this year.

Greenmantle (1988) I just have a couple of brief announcements. The first is that Greenmantle is finally available in an e-book format, for those of you interested in such things. You can find more info at:

A number of you have expressed some curiosity about Firebird Books, the imprint that will be reprinting some of my early novels. In the words of my editor there, the lovely and talented Sharyn November: "You can always send people here—it has an informational email address, if nothing else ..."

And that's it for this time. Enjoy the warm weather, if warm weather you're having.

Newsletter #6.2 - August 20, 2001
What a terrible day this has been. Up here in Canada, everyone's reeling with shock and sorrow. We know many of you on this list don't live in the States, but I'm sure you'll join with MaryAnn and me in expressing your sorrow, support and outrage to our American friends on the list.

We hope none of you have friends or family that were hurt or killed in this disaster. Our hearts are breaking for those people in the planes, the buildings, and in the streets below. Our condolences go out to their family and friends.

If you live nearby, we hope you will consider donating blood and lending what help you can.

Keep your strength.

Newsletter - Memorial Service
Here's a message from MaryAnn:
There was a huge memorial service on Parliament Hill here in Ottawa today. A sea of people attended...thousands upon thousands. If you have a moment, I'd like to share some pictures I took outside the U.S. Embassy.


Sorry if you are getting multiple copies of these items from us. It's hard to know who is on what internet list.


You can respond to her at mah@reclectica.com.

Newsletter - Auction
Hello all,

MaryAnn asked me to send this out to you:
Hi folks,

Late Thursday afternoon I posted two of Charles's books on eBay for the disaster relief fund (Red Cross). They are:
THE ONION GIRL (an advance reading copy, also known as a "galley")

There is an error in the listings. It says that the books will only be shipped to the US. In fact, they will be shipped anywhere in the world.

Here are the urls for the books:



Already, people have shown a fabulous response. Some folks who own rare copies of Charles's books have written to us to offer them as part of the fundraising effort. We are heartened to witness such kindness and good in the world. Love will prevail.

Take care of one another,

Keep your strength.

If you find any errors, typos or anything else worth mentioning, please send it to rturner@arctera.com.
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