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My newsletter is sent out to the subscribers first and then "reprinted" here a couple of days later.
Newsletter #15 - April 22, 2003
Hello folks,

Happy spring! Just a small note to update you on a few things...


We enjoyed meeting several of you in Florida last month. It was our first time in that state, and although it was a busy conference for me, I did manage to sneak in a couple of brief trips to the beach. I flew back right after the conference, but MaryAnn got to spend a few extra days down in Key West with friends. Other than the fact that her camera went on the fritz, she had a wonderful time.


A Handful of Coppers (2003) I've now signed all the signature pages for A Handful of Coppers. Bill got them back from me on April 18th, and now they'll be bound into the books, which should start shipping in a few weeks.

I've also completed and turned in the manuscript for Medicine Road, which ended up being almost twice as long as Seven Wild Sisters. Charles Vess is now working on the illustrations. We don't have an estimated publication date yet, but rest assured that the book is in progress. We'll update you as time goes on.

We realize the wait's been long on these books, and both Bill and I appreciate those of you who ordered them in advance and have been so patient waiting to get them. Hopefully, you'll find them worth the wait. Here's a link to the Subterranean Press Web site:


MaryAnn and I are headed southwest next month to attend a convention in Phoenix called "LepreCon." I hope we'll meet some of you there. I'll sit in on some panels, do a reading and an autograph session, and we'll be playing some music, too. For more information, here's a link the convention Web site:

MaryAnn and I are flying in a little early and heading up to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. We're pretty excited about that and also about going up to Zion National Park in Utah for a bit of hiking there with the Red Rock Crew. My next trip after that should be in June, to attend the ALA/CLA Conference in Toronto. I don't expect to be at the conference for the entire time, but I'll likely come in for the 20th and 21st. Librarians are a fun bunch to be with, so I'm looking forward to meeting some of you there.

By the way, please send your best thoughts to the health teams of Toronto, who are battling the SARS virus. This is a tense time for everyone in that city, and I hope our health officials manage to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Beyond the ALA/CLA conference, MaryAnn and I will be in Albuquerque in August with Charles Vess and Karen Shaffer for "Bubonicon." Other pro guests attending include Jane Lindskold, Stephen R. Donaldson, George RR Martin, Dennis McKiernan, Victor Milan, S.M. Stirling, and Walter Jon Williams. Here's a link to that site:

Immediately after Bubonicon, Tor is sending me on a western book tour for Spirits in the Wires. I don't have all the details yet, but it looks like I'll be visiting Santa Fe, San Diego, San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. I'll write again with details when events have been confirmed.


We're hoping MaryAnn's camera gets back from the repair shop before we go to Arizona. If you've been wondering why she hasn't had her "Reclectica" auctions going, the absence of the camera is partially responsible. She's also been getting ready for a big spring sale this coming weekend at the Glebe Community Centre here in Ottawa. If any of you are local, try to get over to Lyon Street to visit her booth this Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. She'll have some cool treasures and beautiful clothing for sale. If any of you want to join her private mailing list to be told when her auctions start up again, send her a note at: mah@reclectica.com

We live in challenging times. Take care of one another, hold onto your faith, and be of good spirit.

If you find any errors, typos or anything else worth mentioning, please send it to rturner@arctera.com.
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