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Newsletter #43 - July 6, 2013
Moonheart Hello all,

Well, it seemed like it might never happen, but Moonheart has just been published as an ebook by our own Triskell Press in all the various digital formats. Charles Vess gave us the beautiful gift of the cover, letting us use his gorgeous "Horns of the Moon" painting which had only appeared previously in the Sub Press 20th anniversary deluxe edition of the book. Charles also provided several of his drawings for the interior. This book holds a special place in my heart, and I can't think of a more fitting artist for it.

I wrote a lengthy new afterword, reminiscing about all the ways in which Moonheart affected my life. It was fun to look back through time and reflect on the touchstones along the way, so many of them shaped by this book.

For those of you using Amazon, it's here:

buy a copy from amazon.com buy a copy from amazon.com buy a copy from amazon.com

Smashwords has the other e-book formats:

Smashwords eBook

Sheriff Poole & The Mech Gang
Yellow Dog
Since my last newsletter we also published two more e-stories. Sheriff Poole & The Mech Gang is a brand new story set near my fictional desert town of Santo del Vado Viejo, where my novels The Mystery of Grace and The Painted Boy took place. Thus far it's only available as an e-book, but as soon as I have enough stories for a collection, we'll put out a print book.

Yellow Dog, another short story set in the same general area, was originally published as one of my personal chapbooks, and later in limited edition from Subterranean Press. Both of these stories can be found at Smashwords (see link button above), or on Amazon at:

eBooks on Amazon

Hopefully we're now getting on a roll with the rest of my backlist novels. When we asked my readers on Facebook which they want first as e-books, the top five came out as:

1) Moonheart
2) Memory & Dream
3) Someplace to be Flying
4) Spiritwalk
5) The Little Country

We'll do our best to follow that order as we go. Apologies for the length of time this is taking. Even with a bit of volunteer help, which we truly appreciate, it's not a fast process.

I hope you've got some good books lined up for your summer reading. I've read some great ones in the past little while: Joyland by Stephen King (think the King that wrote "The Body" and The Green Mile rather than the horror-meister), Graham Joyce's The Year of the Ladybird (as good as a Joyce book ever is), and Neil Gaiman's brilliant The Ocean at the End of the Lane which is my favourite book so far this year.

As for music, you can't go wrong with the new KT Tunstall. The album was recorded in Tucson and produced by Howe Gelb and the only thing that would have made it better is if the Calexico lads had been the backing band. But it's definitely a treat as it is, low key and very evocative. I'm also enjoying a look back through the career of Eliza Carthy with her retrospective Wayward Daughter (and reading the biography about her by Sophie Parkes that came out at the same time).

If you're looking for more regular music and books recommendations, as well as other stuff that I'm interested in, I have a blog at:


As always, thanks for your continued support. I expect to be in Halifax, Toronto and Baltimore this fall. Perhaps I'll see some of you there.

Take care of each other.

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