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Weirdin Newsletter
My newsletter is sent out to the subscribers first and then "reprinted" here a couple of days later.
Newsletter #24 - May 4, 2007
Hello folks. Calling these few short paragraphs a "newsletter" is a bit of a stretch. Maybe "news flash" would be better. Still, here we are, and I hope this finds you well.

After a long dreary winter (I seem to remember too much rain and grey skies and not enough days with the sun gleaming on the crisp white snow), spring has finally arrived up here in the north. The flight patterns of the crows have changed as they return to roost each evening, our little white cat spends each day trying to get as muddy as possible, and the moles are poking their heads out of the ground, blinking in the bright light and thinking they should say hello to the larger world beyond their underground burrows (that would be me).

Mostly, I'm writing to let you know about my latest project with Charles Vess. We're both so busy these days that we don't get to work together as much as we'd like. I'm making progress on my next book for Tor, and if you want to see what Mr. V.'s been up to, check out his Web site at www.greenmanpress.com. But we did get to collaborate on a piece for Realms of Fantasy, and I wanted to mention it to you while it's still on the newsstands.

Companions to the Moon It's called "Companions to the Moon," a story of mine based on a painting by himself. This is the first of a series of collaborations. Subsequent offerings will feature stories by other authors, but the paintings will all be Vess originals. Ours appears in the June 2007 issue, and I notice that retailers are asked to display it until June 4th—which is why I thought I'd better get this out to you before it's gone. (But with that said, you could always get a subscription. I mean, where else are you likely to find a new Richard Parks story every few issues?)

Speaking of June, MaryAnn and I will be having our huge annual book and yard sale on Saturday the 9th. You can find all the info about it here, including a spiffy new poster designed by MaryAnn and maps showing you how to get here.

We've been delighted to meet some far-travelling visitors at the sale, so if you're thinking of coming, please take the time to say hello when you arrive. We'd love to meet you even if we seem busy.

What else? Well, the third CD by Rodrigo y Gabriela hasn't left my player in months. If you like acoustic guitar music with a Spanish flavour, you really should check them out. Some other favs include the new Brock Zeman album (www.brockzeman.com), which was recorded with Dan Walsh (ex-Fred Eaglesmith band). Then there's the Detroit Cobras' Tied & True; a new Feist (The Reminder); The Good, the Bad & the Queen (featuring the Clash's Paul Simonon); an album of covers by Patti Smith (Twelve) and Alan Stivell has a new CD (Explore) with rhythms that sound like he might have been exploring Jamaica.

I'll keep this brief because I'll be sending you another note shortly about other projects. For the moment, I wanted to be sure you heard about "Companions to the Moon." Hope you can track it down.

Take care of each other and enjoy the spring!


Newsletter #24.1 - May 8, 2007
Little (Grrl) Lost (2007) MaryAnn is pretty excited about my September publishing schedule, to the point where she snitched a couple of advance reading copies for eBay. To steal a few lines from a message she sent to her own mailing list:
"LITTLE (GRRL) LOST has the folks at Viking so jazzed that they've made it their lead title for the fall and PROMISES TO KEEP is going to satisfy a lot of readers who were curious about Jilly's transformation from messed-up street kid to exhuberant young artist."
Here's a link to MaryAnn's auctions: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZreclectica

Viking will be sending me out on tour for LITTLE (GRRL) LOST, but I haven't a clue yet as to where. I do know that MaryAnn and I will both meet up in Seattle on September 15th for our 27th wedding anniversary, which is a happy circumstance. We'll then spend a few days visiting with friends before heading over to Bellevue, Washington on September 21st for Foolscap IX. Their artist Guest of Honor will be Charles Vess, so we're even more delighted about that trip. http://www.foolscapcon.org/

PROMISES TO KEEP also has a September release date. This link will take you to its page at Subterranean Press: http://www.subterraneanpress.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=delint15&Category_Code=B&Product_Count=37

Take care of each other.


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