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Newsletter #44
Spiritwalk Hello all,

The big news is that our Triskell Press ebook edition of Spiritwalk has just gone live. MaryAnn used some lovely Arthur Rackham art (now in the public domain) for her cover design. With two main female characters, one of whom has an affinity for trees, and the other for wind, it was perfect that Rackham had an illustration that suits the book so well. I've written a new afterword, and the ebook is now available in Kindle format at Amazon, and for other ereaders via Smashwords.

buy a copy from amazon.com buy a copy from amazon.com buy a copy from amazon.com

Smashwords eBook

Next up from the backlist will be Someplace to Be Flying. I'm just writing the afterword now and have some fine-tuning to do on the layout. I can't wait for you to see MaryAnn's cover.

*     *     *

In other book news, I've finished the third and final Wildlings book, called Out of This World. MaryAnn is presently taking her editorial pen to it, after which I'll give it another once-over then turn it in to Penguin Canada later this month. I can't say for certain, but I suspect it will have a late spring publication date.

Seven Wild Sisters Speaking of my Wildlings series, I was thrilled to find out last Sunday that I'd won the Aurora (Canada's highest fantasy/science fiction award) for book one, Under My Skin. Thanks to everyone who voted for the book. Not only is it an honour to win, but the award itself is quite a beautiful sculpture. MaryAnn somehow found it a place in our living room—quite a feat, given the myriad old treasures we've acquired over the years, but she was determined.

Early next year we will see Little, Brown's publication of Seven Wild Sisters, complete with the extensive, full-colour Charles Vess treatment. It promises to be just as beautiful as The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, so we're eagerly anticipating its release in February.

While I've enjoyed writing YA and middle grade fiction this past while, I've been yearning to get back to adult work. So at the moment I'm indulging that by working on a Newford novella, after which I plan to start a new adult novel.

*     *     *

If you live in the Baltimore area, MaryAnn and I will be at FaerieCon East from November 8-10. Details can be found here:


The Cats of Tanglewood Forest (2013) Charles Vess will be dropping by to spend the Sunday with us. Since it's the only event we're doing together this year, that's the day to come by with your copies of The Cats of Tanglewood Forest or any of our earlier books. We expect to have some on hand at our table in the Marketplace, but there's no need to make a purchase; please feel free to bring your own books from home. MaryAnn and I will be there from Friday to Sunday, so please stop by and say hello if you're around.

*     *     *

The great music just keeps coming. In trad., I've really been enjoying Elements, the new album by The Paul McKenna Band (not as many tunes as, say, the last album, but what a great voice McKenna has).

I've also been enjoying an older album from 2007 called Valiant by The Sevens, which is a mix of old-timey and Celtic. I'd never heard them before but I'm glad I finally discovered them.

And for those of you out there jonesing for some great tune sets, I'd recommend The Yanks' self-titled album, which came out this year. Toe-tapping jigs and reels, just the way I like them.

Anoushka Shankar is still doing her wonderful contemporary take on sitar music, but Traces of You has the added treat of her being joined by her step-sister Norah Jones on a number of tracks. Like so many people, MaryAnn and I adore Norah's silky, soulful voice.

Did any of you love Lissie as much as we did when her first EP came out? Her new release Back to Forever is so worth the long wait since her last album. And Basia Bulat's Tall Tall Shadow is not one to be missed, either.

Lastly, for you fellow country music lovers, Lindi Ortega's Tin Star is a charmer from start to finish, tender and feisty and everything in between.

Elements Valiant Tall Tall Shadow Tin Star

*     *     *

The Wolf at the End of the World I've got a special treat for you, by way of my friend Douglas Smith (also an Aurora winner this year for his short story, "The Walker of the Shifting Borderland"). I met Doug when he asked me out of the blue to write an introduction to La Danse des Esprits, a collection of his that was coming out in Europe. I gave a very tentative yes, depending on whether I liked the stories, and ended up falling in love with his work and asking if he had anything more.

He admitted he had a novel using some of the characters that had appeared in the collection. Since the stories he cited were my favourites in the collection, I managed to convince him to let me read them. And fell in love with it as well. And to prove I was sincere, I promised an introduction to it when it was published.

That was a year or so ago, and now I'm happy to share the book with you at a special discounted price for my readers. Here's the skinny:

From His Bookstore:
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CDLFANS-WOLF-40E   •   40% off the ebook edition -- epub, mobi (for Kindle), and PDF available
CDLFANS-WOLF-25P   •   25% off the autographed, personalized print edition
CDLFANS-WOLF-PE   •   Buy both the ebook edition and the autographed print edition, and get the ebook for free

From Kobo:
Coupon Code   •   Discount
WEW50   •   50% off the ebook edition at Kobo (epub format only)

From Smashwords:
Coupon Code   •   Discount
FC94W   •   50% off the ebook edition at Smashwords (epub format only)

I'm so delighted to be able to offer these special prices and introduce you to these wonderful characters. I had to reread the book for when I wrote the introduction and if anything, I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

*     *     *

Thanks again to all of you who have been so supportive of me over the years, and especially now, as MaryAnn and I make the transition into indie publishing. We're pleased with how it's going and expect to release more new work and backlist in the coming months. Never fear—we won't forget those of you who want print editions, too. We'll collect shorter work in print form as soon as there's enough for a book's worth, and keep you posted.

Enjoy the last bits of fall, and remember to take care of each other.


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