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My newsletter is sent out to the subscribers first and then "reprinted" here a couple of days later.
Newsletter #33 - May 4, 2009
Hello all,

Directions to Book and Yard Sale, June 13, 2009 at 9:00am I thought I'd get this out early since we've moved the date ahead by a week:


It's happening once again, that time of year when we haul out all the hundreds of review books that I've accumulated over the year. As usual, I'm also culling the library because there's only so much space available and I've yet to acquire one of those handy carpetbags like Merlin had in the T.H White books. But it's all good because it means that once a year my bookcases look normal (books aren't stuffed in two deep, or lying on top of the spines of others) and there are no more stacks of books in my office.

No doubt the crowds will be as anxious as ever for us to cut the tape and let the frenzy begin. One day I really will be prepared in time to take out the camera and get a picture. In the meantime, just let me say that it's a popular event and we always have a great time. MaryAnn will have her beautiful treasures as well, and folks always enjoy seeing what she has to offer. Oh, and there will also be vinyl.

Here are the details and a map.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and we look forward to seeing you all.



Newsletter #33.1 - June 11, 2009
Hello all,

Hope you're all enjoying spring. We've had some nice bouts of sun, but lots of cool rainy days and the weather for our May 30th yard sale didn't exactly cooperate. It was still raining at 7:30 a.m. but around 8:00 it started to clear, so we set up tables and with the help of a few hearty souls who came by (bless you), just put out books.

Most people thought the sale was cancelled, so there are still lots of great books. In the meantime new titles have joined the 1000+ that are lining our hallway, so we even have fresh stock. So a few of you have had a preview, but we've decided to tempt you further. We'll give it all another whirl this Saturday, June 13th and, as a one-time special, we'll drop the book prices to half our usual price! That means that brand new hardcovers will go for $4 each or 6 for $20. Trade (and small) paperbacks are even cheaper.

This time MaryAnn's vintage and my vinyl will also make it out of the house (weather permitting of course). If it rains on the Saturday, we'll try for Sunday the 14th. But we'd love for Saturday to work out because our entire area (Applewood Acres) is having a community yard sale, so the 'hood should be buzzing.

Details and a map can be found at the above link. Just click on the it or the poster.


Medicine Road (2004) The Onion Girl (2001) A nice, affordable trade paperback of Medicine Road is coming out this month from Tachyon Publications. It's always an honour to share pages with my pal Charles Vess, who illustrated the book. For more info, visit:

And tip a glass to Mr. Vess, because he just had a birthday this week!

Coming out at the end of August is a limited hardcover edition of The Onion Girl from Subterranean Press. Later this fall, they'll publish a very early secondary world fantasy novel called Eyes Like Leaves. For more info, visit:

MaryAnn has advance reading copies of Medicine Road and The Onion Girl on eBay right now:


Little Johnny Cash raised $687 for Friends of Abandoned Pets this past weekend in a 5k walk, joined by about 200 other canines and one feline in a baby stroller (poor kitty!). It was a fun event and Johnny couldn't have been more proud.


I'm kind of pressed for time at the moment, so I'm going to hold off on the usual music and book recommendations. However, I should mention that I've gone the social networking route and you can get more up-to-date commentary and recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. I update all three daily (with a little program called Ping-FM which allows me to do all them all at the same time).

Secret, Profane and Sugarcane (2009) Oh, but I just have to say, isn't the new Elvis Costello album great? And I'm loving the TV show. Even when he's interviewing someone I don't think I'm interested in, I still wind up enjoying the episode. I've heard him being criticized for coming across as a bit awkward, but I find it charming. I think maybe the slightly choppy editing is giving that impression since the interviews don't run in their entirety, but rather jump around to cover the "interesting bits."


My Webmaster Rodger Turner (he likes the "master" part of that title) has been after me for ages to provide him with the text he needs to update my bibliography on my Web site. I've finally stacked all the books beside my desk, so it should be happening soon. Check the site in a week or so. I'll let you know on the mini-blogs mentioned above when it happens.

Pray for good weather and have a great weekend wherever you are.



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